Maxiteck Tools can offer you a wide choice of equipment for all your needs. Whether hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or manual, we have the right solution for you.


We offer a wide variety of rental equipment that will certainly meet your needs for lifting or controlled tightening. Whether you need hydraulic or pneumatic tools, we have what you need. Our experienced technicians will help you with your needs according to your applications.


Our experienced technicians can repair a wide range of industrial equipment, such as hydraulic and pneumatic tools of all brands, including pumps, cylinders, hydraulic torque wrenches, impact wrenches, etc.


Our certification space allows us to certify several types of tools, such as hydraulic, pneumatic and manual wrenches. Our goal is to ensure that your tools meet the highest standards in the industry in terms of accuracy. We carry out the maintenance and give you a calibration certificate in order to guarantee accuracy in all your work.

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